• Never lift a toilet again. It lifts it for you.
• Don’t put yourself or your employees at risk of injury again.
• It’s sanitary. (you don’t have to touch the toilet itself)
• Eliminates the water mess.
       No water can spill over the p-trap. (it tilts water away)
• Toilet is never placed down on the floor.
No wax mess to clean up. (it holds it for you)
• Don’t struggle with looking for a place to put the toilet.
       It stays on the jack through the entire process. (it rolls it for you)
• Don’t fight, guess or hope you align the toilet bolts correctly.
      (it aligns, inserts bolts and lowers for you - the first time, every time, perfect alignment)
       *Saves time and money
             *Saves wear and tear on employees

Manufactured by – Shinn Fu Company of America, Inc. Kansas, MO


Toilet Master label Toilet Master palette
Toilet Master label Toilet Master box label


Accomplishments . . .

Diversified sales throughout the
US, Canada & Guam

Featured on PBS television,
Ask This Old House

Featured on Tool of the Month,
Plumbing Network

Featured on Coolest Gadgets.com

Featured #1 new tool, LA Plumbers Association

Shinn Fu of America, Worldwide Manufacturing

Recommended by Roto Router franchise

U.S. Patented Product

DIY Network - Cool Tools

Sold through Granger, Best Plumbing Specialties, Hajoca, Southern Pipe and more.